Automated Forensic Sperm Detection

Sperm Cell Finding in Forensic Specimen Driven by AI

Automation of slide scanning replaces lengthy and tedious manual interaction.
Forensic samples stained with ‘Christmas Tree’ (Nuclear Fast Red/Picroindigocarmine).
Circa 15 minutes scanning time per slide with suitable specimen and hardware.
Unattended slide scanning overnight possible.
Easy review of sperm cells with convenient display of the Metafer software.
Efficient transfer of object coordinates to laser micro-dissection systems.
Fluorescence illumination can be integrated as well.
Fully GLP compliant documentation.

Semen is a crucial piece of evidence in most sexual crimes, usually detected by microscopy. The smart scanning solution by MetaSystems automates the search for sperm cells in forensic specimens. Automation of microscopy imaging can significantly contribute to reduce turnaround times in specimen examination.

Forensic Sperm Detection

In some cases of sexual offenses, the detection of semen is a crucial piece of evidence. The success of this method depends on many pre-analytical and analytical procedures. In the laboratory, identification of archived sperm cells is done by visual inspection, after which sufficient quantities of sperm cells must be separated from other cells to obtain male DNA profiles. The manual procedure is tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. As a result, many forensic laboratories criticize a backlog, and the time to solve a crime might be greatly delayed by this alone.

AI Driven Location of Sperms

MetaSystems offers a reliable smart scanning solution to automatically locate sperm cells. An advanced algorithm based on a Deep Neural Network (DNN) allows for highly sensitive detection of sperm cells. Detected sperm cells can easily be inspected on-screen with the convenient Metafer software display. In addition, the positions of sperm cells on the slides are saved and can be transferred to a compatible laser microdissection system for targeted extraction of the detected sperm cells.

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Forensic Histopathology

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