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Image Processing with Sophisticated Deep Learning Algorithms
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Karyotyping Becomes Faster And More Convenient with DNN

Karyotyping by means of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) is already in routine use. The most common techniques for chromosome banding and various tissue types are supported. With DNN based algorithms, fewer corrective interactions are necessary to generate the final karyogram. Applying this technology to suitable specimen and imaging hardware, the turnaround time per case can be significantly reduced.

The entire karyotyping workflow can be automated with MetaSystems to simplify the workflow management and achieve a high level of standardization. Metaphase finding and image acquisition can be done fully automated driven by Metafer. Metaphase images are directly imported into the Ikaros software. DNN based algorithms support our customers in chromosome separation and karyogram assignment by providing an automated karyogram proposal.

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Intelligent Karyotyping

Automation of Forensic Sperm Detection Leads to More Efficiency

The tedious search for sperm cells in forensic samples can be simplified and standardized with the help of DNN based software algorithms. Manual detection of sperm cells is a thing from the past with MetaSystems. Sophisticated deep learning algorithms based on Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) standardize and automate the detection of sperm cells.

Forensic specimen processed with “Christmas Tree” (Nuclear Fast Red/Picroindigocarmine) staining are supported in the automated workflow. A slide can be scanned in less than 15 minutes with suitable imaging hardware and specimen preparation. Object coordinates of sperm cells are stored and, if wanted, easily transferred to laser micro-dissection systems.

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Automated Forensic Sperm Detection